Farming Dreams Come True

Ready for our goat walk!

Welcome to Fawn Crossing Farms blog.


Join us on the journey of daily farm life with the surprises, joys, discoveries, challenges, frustrations, trials, tribulations, heart breaks and victories.  Reconnect with life.  There will be days when you are looking in through the window into the farming world and what we do here at Fawn Crossing Farms.  Some days it might be a peek through the door of a neighboring farm and/or farmer and their practices.  Some we might be admirers of and some may be partnering farms.


Learn more about the animals personalities, their intelligence and antics.  Learn about how Bill operates cost effectively and has built a net carbon neutral home and operation.  Learn about his gardening practices, woodworking, beekeeping, and his joy of life. Learn about the food we raise, our products and the healthy foods that make it to the table with love and appreciation for it.  Learn about what we offer to you and yours.  The benefits of eating cleaner healthier for you foods and discover why what we do, makes a difference.

One happy pig.

We are farmers raising livestock with old-school/traceable genetics on pasture.  Although we can’t compete with big Ag economies of scale,  heritage meats are served in the finest restaurants around the globe where commercial pork can’t compare.  Our animals take longer to grow and are provided personal care.  Heritage genetic animals are famous for their quality attributes, unique rich taste and ours are raised with no antibiotics (unless medically necessary), using traditional farming methods.  Being a small farm, our products may be limited, when we sell out of a product we have partner farmers that likely have it in stock and raise their animals in the same manner as we do, some sharing the same genetic lines and belief systems. We’ll help you find what you are in search of.


Dream with us and walk down this road….to a healthier you, to a healthier life.

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  1. FYI
    There is a kindred spirit in Kankakee. His name is Harold Wilkin. He is leading the effort in Kankakee to convert to Organic Farming.

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