Duck Eggs




Our Duck Eggs come from Muscovy Hens that are true free range birds.  None of our Muscovy Ducks are caged or penned – they can roam and fly wherever they desire, and lay their eggs wherever they desire as well.  Each day here on the farm is like Easter, as we seem to always be hunting for eggs.  Unlike chickens, which lay in the nest boxes provided, and don’t seem to care if the egg they laid yesterday is not there today, ducks will hide or cover up their eggs when temporarily leaving the nest, and move to another spot if their eggs start disappearing.  So this leads one to question if ducks can count.  No one knows for sure, as no government study has been done on this.

Our ducks eggs are white and are large to jumbo sized – often so large in fact that they will not easily fit in jumbo sized egg cartons.  We have had duck eggs at times weighing over 4 oz each.

Our duck eggs taste very similar to chicken eggs, except that they are richer in flavor.  The yolks are typically very orange in color, like a pumpkin, and are especially good for baking.  Duck egg whites (albumin) are crystal clear.

People with allergies to chicken eggs should try duck eggs, as we have observed that in most cases, the allergic reaction is to the egg albumin, or egg white.  Duck egg albumin must not have the same proteins in it as chicken, as in every case so far, our customers allergic to chicken eggs are not allergic to duck eggs.


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