Large – Pork bundle meat box




Approximately 24-25 pounds

Containing: 6 breakfast meats, 10 easy meals, 1 roasting/braising, 4 grilling sausage

Breakfast meats: Bacon, savory or maple  breakfast sausage, Irish Bacon (similar to Canadian bacon)

Easy meals: The cuts that are easy to defrost in one day & cook as is; pork chops, ribs, ground pork, cubed pork loin, spareribs

Roasting/Braising: pork roast, pork loin, ham hocks

Grilling sausage: Several flavors available, if you have allergen concerns, please let us know and we will adjust flavors accordingly (if you are allergic or do not want a flavor, we will substitute a replacement in your box)

Boxes will vary in terms of content, weight and value, but each box represents a savings of at least 5% versus buying the cuts individually.

Packaging: the weights seem very specific. Our meat is pre-packaged at the USDA and animal welfare approved facility with varying weights. Examples: Pork chops, boneless are 2 per package weighing an average of 6-8 ounces. Bone-in chops two per package are 14-16 ounces. Bacon is thick sliced and averages approximately one pound. Breakfast links are about 1 pound and have 11-12 links where grilling sausages weigh about the same with four links per package.



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