GoatFully Gone Goat Rentals

Do you have pastures and fence lines covered in vines, poison ivy, sticker bushes, crabgrass, thistle?  Do you want to remove these invasive plants without herbicides, fossil fueled machines and labor?  How you may ask?  Goats are the answer.  We offer goat rentals to clear land and fertilize the soil the natural way.  While it is not true that goats will eat just about anything, they do love to eat plants that no other grazing animal will eat.

How much does it cost and how long does it take?  The price depends on the job.  Forty goats can clear an acre of land in about four or five days.  The area to be cleared must be fenced, as we can’t allow the goats to work overtime other than on the job site.

Contact Fawn Crossing Farms today to schedule your goat rental.  (540) 828-2288 or info@fawncrossingfarms