GOS Availability

The availability of our GOS breeding stock and feeders changes daily. To ensure you establish a place in line for your desired animals, we accept Paypal deposits to (billtheiss3458@yahoo.com) of $150 for each breeding quality animal and $75 for feeders. Breeders are $500, which includes vaccination and registration, plus the required veterinary health certificate if crossing state lines. Feeders are $175. We vaccinate our breeding stock on a semi-annual basis with Farrowsure Gold B and piglets as recommended with Novartis Rhini-shield TX4. Feeders are $175. We wean piglets at 8 weeks.

Our breeding sows are:

Diana, a 50% UK Star Antoinette line, mated with Spunky, a 100% UK Gerald boar

Her first litter of 6 males, 3 females was March 18, 2010. Four of the males were castrated from this litter to serve as feeders.

Maggie, 50% UK Countess UK line, mated with our 100% UK Gerald boar.

Maggie farrowed on March 15, 2021, with seven females and four males. Two of the males were castrated to serve as feeders.